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As the need becomes more personal for real or just as a feeling; we face it with our own knowledge; and spontaneous questions arise:

  • Are services available misinterpreted?
  • Is there any service capable to help with my personal need?
  • Are ideal interfaces like schools, family or communities ready to answer to that need?
  • Is there then the necessary knowledge?

In other words: is the community ready to guide an individual to the services requested and needed?

The basic knowledge of available services is required to find the right access to individual needs solutions.  We promote knowledge to the community to improve communication between any actors in the process: users, institutions and families.
Our position is to look into the cracks of the system creating alternatives and finding solutions, because our services are designed to support and reinforce services to the community; not to mere substitute them.   

We enter the solution to intervene where individual needs cannot be taken by institutions or their efforts cannot reach all the targets. Because we know by experience that guidance is the right answer to individual needs in order to reach common goals.

For E.S.C. guidance means:
  • Advice  or  counseling,   especially   that   provided   for   students   choosing  a  course  of  study  or  preparing   for  a  vocation.
  • Supervised care or assistance, especially therapeutic   help in the treatment of minor emotional or learning disturbances.

Guidance involves also many actors:

This explains why guidance is so important within the whole community. Every actor should play its role to reach success.
E.S.C. guidance fits the lacks of needs public-response with a more targeted approach to involve all subject interested both by the problem and the resulting solution.  
Being our goal to improve education access knowledge to anyone, be it a student, a relative or a professional.
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