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Tipping points
E.S.C. enters the solution because everyone's career goes through some critical moments and we know about many career tipping points and the platform is ready to strongly help during those challenging times.

We may then surely talk of us being a platform made by layers that act as a tipping point solution center.

Tipping points
  • Accessing and understanding HS
    • Welcome to HS course
    • HS’s challenges; get ready!
    • Remodeling my HS approach
    • Redesigning my behavior

  • HS as preamble to higher careers
    • Career as future work opportunity
    • Preparing College success in HS
    • Gaining University credit from HS
    • University opportunities for everybody

  • I’m in trouble! Help me!
    • Anxiety, let’s work together
    • Walk-around social skills
    • Regaining my integrity
    • Hidden & exposed motivations
    • Hidden & exposed communication
    • Individual care

  • Which opportunity I deserve?
    • Career vs vocation
    • Exploring different opportunities
    • How my family can help
    • How the community can help
    • I’m sure! Which skills I need?

But also something more: when guidance becomes a need …

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