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Designing services
To design our services we always consider the impact on every single role because for results and effectiveness it’s mandatory that all roles work together toward the same goal; and families play a strategical role.

By designing our services we consider:
  • Accessibility to the service
  • The focus on tipping points
  • Reduction of just one-to-one services
  • Extension of services to larger targets
  • Building values

Accessibility to the service
When a service isn’t affordable for the community’s majority due its economic impact, it loses part of its values.
Preparation courses that prevent us from weakness and reinforce our individual straight are the answer to increase the success of our community.

The focus on tipping points
As experienced professionals we know which the most challenging tipping points are.
This way we provide a 3 for 1 service.
  • Anticipate issues using screening
  • Set guidelines to face the Challenge
  • Tools to recognize a possible failure

Reduction of just one-to-one services
We deliver individual therapies to those they need it without forcing it as the sole option.
Individual attention and care can be delivered also by little groups. In many cases it has the same healthy effects as one-to-one services.  

Extension of services to larger targets
To spread advising and knowledge of available services to the community is the way to reinforce education in society.
Families and school can take the same advantage given to students by taking courses and workshops on how to help them to reach their career success.

That is the way we want to really feel; to be on your side helping everyone overcoming their challenges.
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