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About us
E.S.C. is a new concept association based in Texas that benefit from counselors and other professional to help the community.
While young, it groups together the ten-year experiences of its professionals in counseling, advising and helping people and students through therapy and study.
E.S.C. delivers its services inside the State of Texas because its professionals are all certified by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).
For that we designed, created and manage a virtual space fully dedicated to all the actors involved in the educational grown of our community.
Our goal is to start our activities where the demand for career support and counseling is growing and where new targets need to be reached, in order to increase the community knowledge of student’s future opportunities.
We’d love to think of our place as an ideal emphatic space where welcoming professional can put everyone at ease.
The clientele of E.S.C. has no age: from middle school to university students; from parents to retired grand-parents; from families to young couples; and from interns to experienced professionals.
At E.S.C. you may interact with your family, your partner, your friends or simple alone. You’re always welcome!
Everybody who likes to follow a healthy path to gather knowledge, help the community or just improve himself has at E.S.C. many opportunities.
Accustomed to meet the needs of international student communities coming from around the world, some professionals love to share their experiences to advantage students on alternative paths. They also believe that languages are strategic in a global world.
E.S.C. wants to collect the highest approval rating within the local public. The ability to achieve high-level counseling should lead to an increasing growing of our society.
Obviously services dedicated to E.S.C. customers may seem a bit different from those provided at common counseling centers, but they are anyway affective also if designed to impact on a larger audience.
In short, if you are facing an important moment of your life or career or you want to help someone who is facing it right now, E.S.C. is the right choice for both of you.

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