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International aid
The American educational system is present all over the world through countless schools that follow its method and guidelines; while good portion of them is totally or partially supported financially by the US government.
They often operate in countries and places where access to specific aid is not available on the territory. This is due to the absence of certified professionals nearby the site but also simply because the few existing professionals are just not fluent in English.
This problem affects in particular mental health and counseling. Schools cannot deal with all their needs within the school with their staff and therefore need the support of external certified professionals. In the United States and inside English-speaking countries this problem is not felt because there are obviously psychologists and mother tongue therapists. However, in many countries, finding native-speaking specialists is not only not easy, but sometimes it becomes almost impossible if it is a school at the service of a strategic site or a lost industrial installation.
E.S.C. thanks to the experience gained by some of its professionals at an international level; recognizes the difficulties of finding specialists qualified to diagnose and treat the most common learning and intellectual disabilities; knows that special student support is basic for some students even at the edge of the school; wants to change the current state of things by extending access to its specialized services to schools and students abroad.
This is another of the countless challenges we want to win; for the good of students and their families because it is never easy to fight with such urgent needs.
The services that can be provided abroad thanks to the use of mixed techniques are:

      • Entry testing and Evaluation
      • Mental health diagnosis and therapy
      • Tipping point training
      • College advising
      • Sexual education

Details of the above services can be found on the "Map of services" page.
To these services must be added the available training and support activities to the existing staff; and consequent supervision of activities carried out.
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