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The commitment that E.S.C. wants to take is to transfer its know-how and professionalism to the public through a dedicated program to improve the healthy growing in the community.
The choice to privilege group activities rather than the abused one-to-one counseling comes from the wish to improve impact on a larger portion of the community. This means that E.S.C. recognizes the validity of these practices, as E.S.C. does them too, but looks to the larger portion of the society who does not properly access to all counseling benefits.
We also believe that any education process starts inside the family, but sometimes it suddenly stops when families don’t receive adequate preparation to follow the development of their kids’ careers.
E.S.C. doesn’t want to be recognized for being just a recovery place. Our vocation is to build new straights inside everyone, being student, parent, teacher or counselor.
The ability to share our counseling style to all the actors involved is the challenge that E.S.C. wants to win.
Our proposal is to offer a protected virtual place where different generations can enjoy a welcoming environment and incredible experiences.
And our experience comes from far away…..

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