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Education serves communities
At E.S.C. each one contributes to the common success with his own vision, but without losing the guidelines of E.S.C.’s approach and finalities.
The sharing of the final vision, the mutual availability of resources, experience and expertise are the key factors to achieve success.
It is clear that this project represents a challenge from many points of view.
We hope the community would be receptive as we believe that, unlike the other present realities, E.S.C. has all the characteristics to become a reference point. The importance of the service is not to be questioned, while its collateral potentialities are to be explored, expanded and developed.
Every staff member serves the group with its means, its capabilities, its experience, its desire to do and its friendliness in understanding the limits of things and people.
This extended ability to serve is the ideal amalgam for a winning team; against any adversity; this is what E.S.C. is creating.
Being the whole community the target of our services, we are sure that extending knowledge and involving family and school professional is the way to ensure the complete awareness around careers and wellness of our youths. We trust that they will be at the base of the society of tomorrow and that they will contribute to the wellness of the whole community.
Only our fears and an excess of prudence of any actor can slow down the success expected for E.S.C.
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