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Staff & procedures
In order for our collaborators to succeed professionally, operationally and functionally at E.S.C., it is imperative to build a team of professionals whom are trained and prepared for the required tasks.
The staff, in addition to having the ability to perform the required work, will be able to realize it within the E.S.C. platform and according to its guidelines.
Everyone is invited and supported to improve guidelines with new ideas and programs. This is because for E.S.C. it is important to recognize programs limits and to suggest eventually new innovative approaches.
These will be the winning factors that will determine the success and longevity of the project.
All courses and services procedures will be tested and approved before becoming effective part of the program. Revisions are to be made every time something doesn’t work smooth.
Personnel will be trained on programs and multi-function operations at E.S.C; in order to face a current shortfall, as well as to allow the alternation of roles among the staff in the event of absences or need.
The attitude of all staff employees will be supervised as their attendance.
In any case nothing is going to be left to chance.

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