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Study abroad reasons
The university years are years of unforgettable experiences; submerged among the books, drinks and take-away pizzas, exams never ready on time, nights for the last minute study. The university really allows you to grow. Universities offer students endless opportunities and one of the most valuable is the opportunity to study abroad.
Studying abroad awakens your mind and makes you more employable. The biggest advantage of studying abroad is that it is a way to travel even further. Living the world through the eyes of a student is a great way to fit into a new community and absorb as much culture as possible.
There are countless benefits studying abroad and any student who likes to travel should already have applied for some kind of exchange project. Expect unique cultures, fantastic food, new friends and a bit of education along the way. That is why studying abroad is the best travel experience. Below we will list 10 aspects of studying abroad.

1. Instantly become part of a community
Most of the time, the biggest worry travelers have before embarking on solo travel is the fear of loneliness. Studying abroad, you are automatically breaking down this barrier; you will instantly become part of a community. Most host universities offer orientation and guidance to students to welcome you into the new city. Besides being super welcoming, these programs also offer you the chance to meet international students from all over the world.
Alternatively, you can choose to live alone; in a shared accommodation; or in a dormitory when present. Do not let the fear of feeling alone discourage you!

2. It is an opportunity to travel
There's a reason why studying abroad is such an attractive option, and we're pretty sure we can guess it ... you like to travel. One of the reasons why a person chooses to study abroad is the fantastic opportunity to travel to a new place, and in neighboring countries!
Studying abroad allows you to explore parts of the world that you would never be able to see as a student. But beware, first is always the degree!

3. You will become expert in a new city
Of course, everyone can say that they have visited a country, but can they advise what to do on a free afternoon or during a weekend? Or recommend the best restaurant at affordable prices in the area?
As you study abroad you will live like a local person and discover everything worth knowing in your new host city. You will discover hidden gems, in addition to putting the check mark on all the tourist attractions you will become a real expert! You will lose the initial tourist look, we are sure of that.

4. Study abroad reinforces curriculum
A recent study has shown that traveling makes it easier to find work, which is one of the biggest advantages of studying abroad. Including studies abroad on your resume will suggest to employers that you are a complete candidate with intercultural skills. You will become more extroverted, confident of yourself meeting new people and ready to thrive in new environments. A great chance to find a good job!

5. You will learn a lot
Ok, so we focused a lot on the adventures, the entertainment and the people you meet while you're abroad, but what about the actual study?
Not only will you broaden your mind academically speaking, but you will also have an idea of how education works in other countries and you will be constantly exposed to new cultures. Outside the classroom, you will have the opportunity to visit incredible museums, historical-cultural sites, fairs and local tradition events. It will be a continuous growth, after all.

6. You will improve the language
Everyone knows that if you want to become fluent in a language, you have to move to the country where you speak it. Immersing oneself in the language is the best way to feel totally at ease in talking about it day by day. We can all say 'where the library is' but only those who know a language well can ask the locals which are the best places to go eat and interact with them nicely. Even staying with a host family will help improve language skills without having to spend a fortune.

7. You will have an incredible social life
There is only one group more sociable than travelers, and these are the students! Combine the two and you have a hyper social team, fun loving people who always try to meet new people. As an international student, you will automatically be surrounded by hundreds of people your age and interests similar to yours; you may have chosen the same university after all.
Make sure you are involved in campus life to meet as many faces as possible. Join a sports team or activity club. Whatever your interests are, there will always be something to do together.

8. You will tighten friendships that will last forever
University friends are for the life and friends that you meet while studying abroad are no exception. With whom else did you walk on the beach on a full moon night? Or when did you eat together at 3 in the morning? Who was there for you when you were struggling to find the meaning of a difficult lesson, but also endured your nonsense on deadlines and so on? The friends at home will certainly be bored of your endless study stories abroad, but the friends you meet along the way cannot wait to relive those moments!
Making new friends is one of the best reasons to study abroad. Also, if your new friends live in other countries, you'll always have a place to stay when you're traveling.

9. You will have a huge support network
If you would like to see the world, but you are a little afraid to take the first step, studying abroad is the easiest way. Traveling can sometimes lead to difficult situations and it can be difficult to know who to turn to.
Part of the reason why studying abroad is the best travel experience is the massive support system that you get from the university. Not only will you have international tutors and advisers available, but probably also a large group of friends who will give you a hand. So put your shyness aside and enjoy the challenge.

10. You will have Total Independence
Of course, you might think of being independent at university, but with mom and dad a few hours of travel and weekly phone calls ... it's not the same thing!
By studying abroad, you will have complete independence to explore an unknown place and live exactly as you wish. However, you will be also called to your responsibilities, studies, exams and results; both academic and social.
If you miss home ... there is always Skype!
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